Celebrities That Enjoy Gambling

November 4th, 2000 | by Mike |

We certainly live in a celebrity culture. The media seems to be obsessed with them as is much of the general public. It seems that while we love to put them up and give them our acclaim, we also love to put them down, especially when they seem to be heading in that direction anyway. We seem to have a love hate relationship with them, in some ways we envy them and in others we feel malevolence towards them.  Whatever it is, we do seem to be fascinated with them including what they get up to in their spare time.

One of the things that many of them do get up to is gambling. There is nothing like a few million in the bank to encourage one to hit the casino, and some celebrities go for it in a big way, some of those who do are particularly successful at it. You’re more likely to see them in a flash land-based casino than an online casino like www.jackpotcity.co.uk/mobile-casino/iphone-casino

The most successful celebrity gambler of all is the French actor and singer Patrick Bruel. Although outside of France he is not particularly well known, he has enjoyed considerable success in that country. His real claim to fame is that over the years he has won around £1 million at tournament poker. His poker career includes 10 WSOP finishes, 1 WSOP bracelet, plus 6 WPT and 2EPT finishes.

Gabe Kaplan the American comedian has been almost as successful. His total poker winnings are around $940,000 and he has 9 WSOP finishes plus 3 WPT finishes. In terms of poker success, then third most successful is Jennifer Tilly the actress, but then she does live with Phil Laak, the professional poker player. Tilly has poker winnings of around $600,000.

Many celebrity sportsmen are also keen gamblers. One of the most famous on both counts is Tiger Woods who at one time thought nothing of betting $25,000 on a single hand of blackjack. Michael Jordan the basketball player is also a keen gambler who is famed for his all night nosebleed gambling exploits, even when he was playing in a basketball match the next day.


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