Phantom Planet’s playlist on iTunes!

April 21st, 2004 | by Mike |

So every once in a while I go on the the iTunes Music Store and check out the “Celebrity Playlists”. They are usually kinda lame, namely becuase the artists usually pick their own songs for their playlist…I’m sorry, that is stupid and lame. Well my boys, my favorite band of all time, did it right this time with their playlist / mix tape. In case you don’t have or use iTunes Music Store let me show you what they said:

The Perfect Mix Tape
“Hello? This is Alexander. I got started on this iTunes Playlist trying to make ‘The Perfect Mix Tape.’ I hope the idea of the mix tape isn’t lost on the next gneration of music listeners – how about ‘Mix Flash Memory Card?’ When I was younger a good mix tape symbolized much more than just a bunch of songs put together. Giving someone a mix tape was giving him or her an insight into who you are as a person. It was also a way to gauge the degree of compatibility between two people. The mix tape existed when and where words and physical action could not. Maybe that’s just how I though of it. Well, I got into making this list. I think I got into it a little too much so I’m just gonna post them up and see what happens…”

Their list is pretty long, I was going to post it hear, but I got too lazy. But it looks like a good, soild list…with none of their own songs!

Personal Note to the guys in Phantom Planet:
I’m sorry I can’t make it to your concert this weekend, I have to go back up to my old University and go to my girlfriend’s formal and some frat stuff. Please, go ahead and have the concert without me. I know it will be tough, without one of your biggest fans there, but I know you guys can do it.

Be strong,

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