Gmail Cravings At All Time High

June 24th, 2004 | by Mike |

With the amounts of GMail inivations flying around the internet in the last few days, it looks as though that Google’s GMail is about to go public. Of course, noone seems to realize this, and with the rash of GMail invites comes a sort of minor geek hysteria echoing around the internet. Don’t believe me? Check out this blog post on Kevin Rose (of Screensavers fame) where he gave out a few invites and urged others to do the same. He just recently cleared off most of the comments, but it was over 2,000 last time I checked.

Is that not enough proof of the needless insanity on the internet about a glorified Hotmail account? Well then you need to check out The GMail Machine. Where idiots that have way too much time on their hands refresh this page over and over again waiting to the number that has been now forever locked to wanna-be computer hackers: 1337. When you see that number on your screen (it looks to be run by a basic php random number script) then you get one of the GMail invites that this team of people have collected. The site has been refreshed 107,789,351 times, and has transfered over 501.93 GB of bandwidth. Even more sad is that if any of these people would bother to read the news they post on the site they would see this:

Someone has hacked my gmail account ( making it impossible for me to get into to send out codes to all of you. Everytime someone wins on the site it sends an email to that account, so i can send you a code. But i can’t get into that email, if anyone else can figure out a method into the account that would be great, but until then i can’t send out invites to anyone.

Scott Meinzer

Basically all those people drooling over a GMail account are wasting their time even more so, becuase they guy running this can’t send the GMail codes out anyway.

UPDATE: He has just fixed his email account and now the partons of this site are completly wasting their time. However, it only really makes this excercise insignificatly less lame.

Now its not that I don’t have a urge to check out GMail’s services. I do. I have been in fact looking for a reliable secondary e-mail account. (Spymac, didn’t really work out as I had hoped.) However, even though I would take an invite if someone offered it to me, I would not pay money, or trade anything of any sort of value or even waste my time reloading a site in the hopes that I will get an invite and get to use a web-based e-mail account for one or two days before it goes public.

Give me a break.

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