Livestrong, die now! II

October 4th, 2004 | by Mike |

It just keeps getting worse…
Let me get some things out of the way first. The love that people have for Lance Armstrong is a bit irrational and scary. (check Livestrong, die now! if you don’t know what I’m referring too) Forgive me, but I just don’t understand it. And well folks, it just keeps getting worse.

I love the St. Louis Cardinals. I have always loved them, even when they suck. But sometimes they do some stupid things. Like letting fans get 12 playoff tickets per game, thus squeezing people like me out of playoff tickets! But that is another post. Another lapse into a retarded state of mind happened for the Cardinals brass this year when they decided to release these:

“The Cardinals Rally Bands”

This is beyond stupid. The only thing worse than a idea that has been exploited and ruined, is the next idea that sees the exploitation and crappiness and decides to go forward with the copying anyway.

Oh but there is more! Do you watch American Chopper? This show used to be just awesome. I watched it religiously for months, and I don’t even like motorcycles! But then, like shows of this nature, they started to run out of ideas. I mean how many different ways can you make the same basic motorcycle look different? However, if this show hasn’t “Jumped the Shark” already, they did tonight with the…I bet you can guess what it is going to be already…”Lance Armstrong Bike”. Welcome to a whole new low! I caught the tail end of the show because my brother told me about it. Of course, Lance was there, with Sheryl laughing and clapping behind him like she always does. (Didn’t she used to be a singer?) and he drove the bike wearing that same back sport coat with his shirt halfway unbuttoned, which is apparently his uinform when not in the biking gear (i.e. those lame Subaru commericals).

Why is it that everyone believes that Barry Bonds (who sucks too by the way) MUST do steriods because that is the rumors going around. But there have been rumors going around forever that Armstrong dopes up too, yet everyone assumes that is bull. Can someone explain that too me? They both fit the profile: Older guys dominating their sport, but neither one have any proof or tests, or any thing at all that says “yes, they have done steriods” yet Bonds we think is full of shit and Armstrong “would never do such a thing!” Really I don’t get it.

Ok, thats all for now! Now the decision comes…now that there is 2 posts knocking on our beloved Lance, do I want comments from people flipping out on me on both stories or just one? I think we should concentrate our efforts on one. So the comments will be turned off on this post, but feel free to post on the other one. (link to follow)

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