October 2004: A Baseball Month to Remember

October 22nd, 2004 | by Mike |

When the League Championship Series began, both in the National Leauge and the American League, both had the potential to be great, nail-biting series. However, only the Amerian Leauge series featuring the rematch of the Red Sox and the underdog Yankees (It looks weird for me to say, “Underdog Yankees”, but its true.) seemed to take center stage…or at least it did with the execs at FOX, which is why I will begin there.

Remember that tremendous game 6 of the ALCS that forced a game 7 when the Red Sox started off the series down 3 games to none? Well try to remember it for ever, though some of us won’t have to try too hard, becuase that has never happened before, and it might not happen again in a long time. Look at what those Red Sox had to do just to force a game 7. Curt Schilling pitched 7 innings, leaving with only one run given up by him on the board and a saoked through, bloody sock on his surgically repaired foot. Then came the hits by David Ortiz, clutch homerun after clutch hits. Folks that was just to get to a game 7. The Red Sox still had more record breaking magic left in them, or at least in Derek Lowe and Johnny “The Caveman” Daman, to create the single greatest comeback in sports history. Two record breaking games back to back sending the Yankees into the record books as well as the Single Greatest Choke of all time.

Then there is the National League Championship Series. The series that everyone forgot about, yet had enough drama to match every second of that record breaking series going on at Boston and New York. This was a battle that will be talked about for a long time to come. Young star vs. Young star (Pujols vs. Beltran), great offense vs great offense, “the hottest team in baseball” vs. “the best team in baseball”. This was an epic battle simply becuase they were so well matched. When the first pitch of game 7 hit Matheny’s mitt, both teams has equal Batting Averages, ERAs, Runs Scored and both had won all its games at home. But this contest was not just simple two matched teams beating each other at home…if you want drama, this series had some to spare: 2 walk-off home runs, a game 7 pitched by a 328 game winner, 2 amazing catches by center fielders and enough home runs to set records all over the place. This was ANOTHER series to tell the grand-kids about. If you saw it, try to remember this one too.

In the end, both teams that were the favorites won, but they sure didn’t make it look easy.

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