Boston: No More Excuses

October 27th, 2004 | by Mike |

Here we sit, on the brink of a World Series Sweep by the Boston Red Sox over my beloved Cardinals. The Cardinals have played fantastic baseball in every game they have played this year, execpt for the World Series. And judging by the constant promos, montages, and comments, if Fox has their way, the Cardinals will continue their crappy play tonight. Intresting that after following this team from top to bottom (How many of you Cardinals fans could string off a list of people playing in their minor league teams?), I’m not even pissed off at the Cardinals, I’m just depressed. However, the sudden “Cubs-Complex” that the Cardinals are afflicited with is not what I plan to discuss tonight.

The way I see it, truly interesting story comming out of this series is now: Everyone in Boston is so focused on making sure their Boston Red Sox don’t blow it, I don’t think anyone has thought about what will happen if they actually win! Think about it. The Boston sports fan has always had this “feel sorry for me” attitude, its been their identity for year upon years. Now what if the Red Sox win tonight? All of a sudden, their baseball team will be the best in the nation, and, I don’t know if you heard, but their football team, the Patriots, are doing everything they can to be named the “Greatest Football Team Ever” with their 20 game winning streak. Poof! Goodbye! Noone feels sorry for you now.

I can hear the Boston fans now: “We don’t want people to feel sorry for us! We want to win!” Well there are two things wrong with that. 1. You have been winning. Although the Red Sox haven’t won a World Series Ring in 86 years, but its not like that have be horrible that long. They have been pretty good in fact. So, I could really do with a bit less whinny all the time…(I’m looking at you Dennis Leary.) Are the Red Sox really underdogs? Fox wants us to believe that they are, becuase it makes much better TV for the causal fan. This “underdog” went 7 games in the ALCS last year. This “underdog” also sports a payroll of $125 Million dollars! This is not a rag-tag bunch of guys that teamed up and became magic…this is a group of very good players that have been paid very well to do just this: Win.

The second point? I think after the initial euphoria, these fans are going to find that they miss saying how much it sucks that their team never wins. They like that security blanket of no matter how bad, or good, they are, they can always say: “Damn that curse!” when they don’t win the series. Its not that their pitcher served up a meatball to Arron Boone, or that Buckner is a dumbass…its the “curse”. And what about the supposed “Red Sox Nation” all across the US and the world that is always the Red Sox buddies, even though many have never even been to Boston? Well don’t you think that maybe the reason people love the Red Sox for no reason (like Tom Hanks, that bastard) is becuase they have this “underdog attitude”. You think they will still have this underdog support with a ring? I would hope not.

Think of it this way: Wouldn’t it suck if you thought you had cancer? For years your doctor is saying you suffer from a horrible malady that can never be fixed. All your friends helped you out all the time and even your enemies really, deep down felt sorry for you. Now imagine that you switch doctors and he says: “You don’t have cancer. You never did. You are going to be just fine.” After that initial jumping for joy session, you find your friends don’t help you as much and your enemies have gone right back to kicking you when you are down. Sucks huh? That could be your life Boston. …and with that swing and home run from Damon, it could be sooner than you think.

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  2. By danielcole on Oct 27, 2004 | Reply

    do you realize that ‘noone’ is acutally ‘no one’?

  3. By Mike on Oct 27, 2004 | Reply

    Yes. I believe the term is typo. Too bad that had to be my 100th comment posted on Hell Yeah Bitch! .com

  4. By danielcole on Oct 27, 2004 | Reply

    do you realize that ‘noone’ is acutally ‘no one’?

  5. By Mike on Oct 27, 2004 | Reply

    Yes. I believe the term is typo. Too bad that had to be my 100th comment posted on Hell Yeah Bitch! .com

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