More Fun With Unsecured Cameras

January 5th, 2005 | by Mike |

I posted a bit about this the other day, and now I see variations on this on Gadgetopia. Apparently someone else has made a Google search string that finds a new type of unsecured camera available on the web.

Google Search: inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=”

There are all sorts of camera out there (but I haven’t had the same luck with finding working ones as I did with my last post.). In fact, some cameras supposedly have sound.

I did some more poking around and found some more Google Searches for some other fun things. (Some of these produced many results but only a small percentage really connected to anything.) After a bit of poking around and finding a few interesting things, I ran across this page when I googled for printer servers with this: “inurl: /printers/” googledorks This page has tons of fun google searches and new ones seem to be submitted regularly.

Go have some fun and let me (and others) know about god finds in the comments.

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