Paris Gets Hacked

February 20th, 2005 | by Mike |

Oh with all of the porn-videos released and videos of her shoplifting, and now her cell phone gets hacked, one starts to maybe feel a little bad for Paris Hilton. And then one remembers that she is a ridiculously rich bitch, and then you laugh and enjoy sites like this.

Paris Hilton’s cell phone, a T-Mobile Sidekick, as been hacked. What does that mean? Well it just means that her entire Address Book, Notepad, and Pictures have been linked to the web. There are all kinds of fun phone numbers to be had in her phone book, which, because I had nothing better to do, decided to call a few (seriously). I called Lindsay Lohan, but I just got voice mail. I called Christina Agulera, but got a directory for her company. I got Ashlee Simpson’s voice mail as well. And last but not least I got the voice mail of Ashley Olsen. I’m sure they are all scrambling to change their numbers now though, and no I didn’t leave any voice mails…I’m no stalker, I just wanted to see if those numbers actually went somewhere.

Oh, with fun stuff like this out there, how can you not love the internet?!

For the fellas: Be sure to check out her pictures. There are some naked shots and one of Paris making out with a Playboy Playmate. Enjoy.

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