The Red Sox aren’t that special!

April 19th, 2005 | by Mike |

I’m sick of it. Every damn day we have to hear about the how great the Red Sox season was and how they finally broke “the curse”. I know, its a great story. I really feel for the poor $12x Million payroll team that just tried so hard and it beat all the other teams that have payrolls a fraction of their size and then they came back on the one team that has a bigger payroll.

…and since when is everyone a damn Red Sox fan?

Interesting how noone gave a crap untill they started spending the big bucks like the Yankees. Of course it only got worse when ESPN and FOX decided that if we didn’t care about the Yankees and the Red Sox then they were going to make us care by making every last inning between these too spoiled rich teams and acting like it was the greating sporting event ever when A-Rod got in a fight with Jason Varitek. Attention ESPN, FOX, anyone else, I don’t live in New York or Boston, I don’t care any more about Boston and the Yankees than I do about a Braves and Brewers game ok?

Ok I’m done. I needed to get that off my chest. The reason for the vent is that someone is finally on my side, speaking with the voice of reason and he actually is part of the sports media! I know, I was surprised too. David Schoenfield has written “86 Reasons We Hate [The Red Sox]

2. Manny Ramirez’s sudden and magical October transformation from absentminded, dim-witted slugger who makes costly baserunning gaffes to lovable, dreadlocked slugger who just plays the game with a little flair.

32. Seriously. We know you hate Bucky Dent.

40. Bronson Arroyo’s cornrows.

43. “Fever Pitch.”

Although at times his list skews to that of a Mariners Fan’s list, he speaks the truth and its nice too see what I’m trying to say posted on a website people go to.

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