A movie production suite on the cheap

June 28th, 2005 | by Mike |

The crew over at the site MEMAP.ORG were inspired by a recent MacMerc article about home, cheap, movie studios and decided to improve it. What they came up with was a nice list of cheap (read: free) software that can do amazing things.

Cinepaint, Blender, and Jahshska are all amazing free programs that one could use to turn a “home office” into a “home-office / movie post-production house”.

Of course, when they mention its all free to set this up, they are factoring out the cost of a high-end PC or Mac to get all this going smoothly to begin with, not to mention tons of HD space, oh and don’t forget the camera!…but other than that its free.

Link: The Poor Person’s Production Suite

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