Blue Coconut, I love you.

July 7th, 2005 | by Mike |

Today Paul Mison released a new version of Blue Coconut, and if you are like me you have never heard of it. It turns out Blue Coconut is a wonderful little app / Apple Script that allows the user to download tracks that are shared by other people via iTunes. The real beauty comes when you find out that you don’t need any software to run to the person that is sharing the files…its strictly client based! Beautiful. Actually, I don’t really go around a lot and find shared iTunes libraries, but every time I do find one, there is always a song or two that I really wish I could have.

Now, I should tell you that Blue Coconut just downloads the shared files as they are…meaning you can only get files that are shared, not just any music on that computer and if they bought that song via the iTunes music store the DRM on that song will be downloaded along with it.

Oh yeah, one more thing…Apple OS X only folks. So this download is only for the cool kids.

Link: Blue Coconut [via] TUAW

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