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I don’t know if any of the people that read this site are also readers of, but I certainly am. In fact I read, in particular the baseball section, religiously…or at least I did up until about a week ago. wants to make some money. < sarcasm >You can’t blame them, you just don’t see enough of ESPN. I mean they only have six channels, they need every penny they can get.< / sarcasm > To make money on their site, they have special articles and extended rumor report (mainly about trades and today’s MLB trading deadline) that are only viewable by EPSN Insiders. They have had this program for a long time now, and I had little to no problem with it. There were times that I thought of buying it, but since I only really cared about baseball, why would I want to pay the full price for all of the other sports that I felt I had enough coverage from by watching “Sportcenter”, and “NHL / NFL Tonight”? Turns out, more people thought the same way I did than either I nor ESPN thought. So, slowly at first, and now at a breakneck pace, more and more articles are being converted to “ESPN Insider” only. These are articles that have been free for years! First all of the Jayson Stark articles where turned to Insiders Only, then more and more until they finally got to the point where the really pissed me off: Peter Gammons.

Peter Gammons, who incidentally is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today, is one of my favorite national sports writers. He has the connections to get stories, has a nice style to his writing, and even at the age of 60, he is still telling people at the end of his columns about new and great bands. His only flaw being that he is a Boston fan…not a problem in that of itself, every writer is a fan of someone, but he tends to let it slip in too much…not a lot, but too much all the same.

Ok, ending tangent….now. The point is now that even Gammons articles are off limits for non-paying fans, all has become is a stale site for news that I heard reported before and a scoreboard. These are things I can get anywhere. used to be the place to go, and now its just a place.

Note: If it turns out that there are people out there that read this site, and like sports (especially baseball) then be sure to drop me a line or leave a comment. I have been mulling the idea of making a category and writting baseball articles up here, but I’m not sure if they would turn people off to the site at all.

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  2. By TC on Aug 20, 2005 | Reply

    Can’t agree with you more about espn. I refuse to be an insider. I know read and

  3. By TC on Aug 20, 2005 | Reply

    Can’t agree with you more about espn. I refuse to be an insider. I know read and

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