Rafael Palmeiro Forgets About Steroid Use, Then Remembers When Busted.

August 1st, 2005 | by Mike |

Rafael Palmeiro did not take steroids! …earlier today…we think. Every other time during his career however, most are pretty sure he did. Why? Well it was released earlier today that the man that just broke 3,000 hits and last year topped 500 home runs was suspended for failing Major League Baseball’s drug test. I guess he forgot about the time he was in front of congress in March and said that he had not taken steroids ever. “…except for this one time, but it was my birthday, and I was hurting so I just thought it would be cool.”

Of course now he says, pretty much the same thing:

“Why would I do this in a year when I went in front of Congress and I testified and I told the truth?” he said. “Why would I do this during a season where I was going to get to 3,000 hits? It just makes no sense. I would not put my career on the line. I would not put my reputation on the line, everything that I’ve accomplished throughout my career. I would not do that. I’m not a crazy person.”

Ok then, tell us what you did take that set off the test then? If you didn’t take steroids, then just tell us what it was and we can evaluate further…oh and don’t tell us “You don’t know” because you are a pro athlete, and a good one at that. You know everything that goes into your body. So what did you take Rafael?!

Well, I don’t think he’ll tell us what drugs he took, but I we all saw him ingest a serious about of crow today.


I’ve been asked this question a lot today:
“Does this hurt his chances of going to the Hall of Fame?”
Of course.
“Will he still get in?”

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