Free Ruby on Rails Hosting

September 13th, 2005 | by Mike |

Hey kids! Do you want to play with the new cool programming language sweeping the world? Do you not have a place to that will host those files for you? Well then get your parents permission and come on down to

You get:
* 20 MB Disk Space
* 500 MB/Month Bandwidth
* 1 MySQL Database, 1 PostgreSQL Database
* FastCGI Ruby On Rails Support
* PHP 4.4.0, Perl 5.8.7
* FREE Setup, No Monthly Fee, No Ads on your site.
No catch from what I can see, though I confess I did not read all of their Terms

I signed up for one to check it out, but it seems like a nice way to play with Ruby on Rails. I have been using my linux server at home to mess around with this stuff (That is until my webhost will install Ruby and Rails!), but it could be useful to have a public place to play with at times.

If you use this to make something cool, feel free to post a link below and share.

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