I Didn’t Get A Nano

September 16th, 2005 | by Mike |

Yes, I just recently got a new iPod. The battery was beginning to show its age on “Perry White,” my old 3rd Generation, 10 gig, no click-wheel iPod. It was time for a new iPod; but unlike every other person replacing or getting new iPods this week, I did not get a Nano. Let me repeat that: I did not get a Nano. Looks like weird thing to read this week huh?

“Perry White 2.0” is a 20 gig iPod Photo. I love it. The color screen and click wheel are fantastic, not to mention the extra ten gigs of breathing room for my growing music collection. The thing I like the most going from the third generation to the fourth generation iPods is the demise of the touch-sensitive buttons. Granted they were a fantastic idea, but in practice, they were just too touchy…which come to think of it, is the general pretense of “touch-sensitive buttons.”

Why didn’t I get a Nano? Well to be honest with you, when I held that little device in my hand, I really had to think about it for a second or two. However, it came to capacity. I wanted more space. Although the Nano has the stank of brain-numbing coolness all over it (How does apple design these things!?), it came down to size. To me bigger is better.

I guess that makes me a Size Queen King…and now I suddenly feel very insecure sexually.

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