How To Download iTunes Music Videos For Free

September 27th, 2005 | by Mike |

How’s about three “How To” posts in a row? Ok, great idea! Here’s another one:

Derek at Uneasy Silence has written a little PHP script that translates the iTunes links to regular links so that one could download videos from their servers.

Let me explain. The iTunes Music Store has music videos that you can play, for free, through the iTunes program (Which is really just a specialized web browser.) Well, Derek found the way to translate the links that are used in the store to links that you can access with any broswer (like Firefox)

So if you want to download any of the music videos on iTunes, just right click on the “Small” or “Large” links and copy them. Then head on over to his translator and paste in the link. It will then hand you back a regular link to download that Kelly Clarkson video you’ve had your eye on! Right? …Just me? Ok then, download whatever you want, but your missing out!

Link: How-To: Download music videos from iTunes

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