Veronica Mars Season 2 Starts Tonight

September 28th, 2005 | by Mike |

Yeah thats right. I love the show Veronica Mars. It was, by far, the best new show on TV last season.

I know, I know it sounds lame…but if you watch an episode or two you will be hooked. I didn’t get hooked on it until I caught an episode earlier this summer and then proceeded to download and watch the entire first season. I have never been so into a season of TV like I got with Veronica Mars! (Plus it doesn’t hurt that the star, Kristen Bell, isn’t too bad on the eyes. A better picture after the jump…)

Here is your assignment: Find your local UPN channel, then watch Veronica Mars tonight at 9/8 cst. Because if the ratings are low and this show gets canceled, I’ll cry…and then I’ll have to post about how great “Lost” is like every other person in the world, and frankly, doing things that everyone is doing just isn’t my style.

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