New Flickr Image Counter

October 6th, 2005 | by Mike |

Look right. Not that far…look to right of the page.

What I’m trying to get you to look at is the new counter I put on the side there. Like it says, it counts the number of flickr photos that have been tagged with “”. Why am I doing this? Mainly I thought it could be a useful way for all to share something stupid or odd or whatever. You have a photo of something weird, fun, stupid, or even a hot girlfriend just tag it with “” and bam, the counter will change and we can all have a good time. Although I’m sure no one other than I will do this, I do intend to, and have tagged all my photos appropriately…so at least one person will be helping move the counter.

The second reason is that I needed a break today at work from the web project I’m working on right now, so the 15 mins it took for me to play with the flickr API was a nice break. Next time I need a break I’ll work with it and add a few more features.

Have fun. Take pictures. Tag them with “”. Feel good for sharing.

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