The Problem With Donating To Big Causes

October 6th, 2005 | by Mike |

How long has it been The Hurricanes? Is it in that range yet where I can bitch about something about it and not get blasted worse than if someone talks shit on Lance Armstrong? I realize at best its at the beginning of that range…well I’m sure its close enough.

Let me start off my saying that I have NO PROBLEM with people asking for and giving donations. That being said, here’s what I hate about when some disaster happens and everyone is obliged to throw money in the pot: Say you are going to buy some shoes, not because you are some shoe-crazy broad, but because you need the shoes…lets say for a wedding. So you are paying for the shoes and the girl at the register says “Would you like to add on 10 dollars to your purchase to go to the Hurricane Relief Fund?” Well that sounds like a perfectly benign question, but lets say you happen to be someone that has already donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund and you aren’t quite pulling down six figures and you could use that 10 bucks to eat later this week. So you say “No thanks.” The girl, all of 17 (max) looks at you like you just pulled the head off of a baby rabbit, spit into its neck-hole and and then suck the head on the end of your pen so that you can think it looks cute when you sign the receipt. “I already donated…” you try to explain. She doesn’t believe you of course and she hands you your shoes looking disgusted.

That is the problem. You’re a good guy, you give some money but then everyone you see everywhere asks you again and again and again and every time you say “No” you look like a dick. Not cool. When will someone come up with some way of have some sort of halo appear over your head once you donate? Thats all I ask. Is that so hard? I can’t do it, I’m busy…but someone else should really get on that.

Ok, the first complaint of the Hurricanes. Was that so bad? Good. Ok, if that was good, then what’s one more? I’m sick of all the news coverage on the Hurricanes. I feel bad about being annoyed, but I am and I don’t really want to see updates all the time. I’ll be cool with a once a week update, but every day sucks.

See two complaints weren’t that bad were they? Soon we can start making jokes. Calm down! Not yet…but soon. Next week maybe…maybe Wednesday.

Ok, let the hate mail begin!

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