Mike Wants a New iMac

October 13th, 2005 | by Mike |

Yes, we all know Apple introduced a new video playing iPod and a new iMac. I’m sure that annoucement is getting beaten to death on 90% of all websites out over yesterday and today, so I’m not going to discuss any ramifications of the latest annoucement from “his Stevenes”.

I will however discuss that I am in love with the new iMac. Really, I’m in love. I have wanted to get an iMac for some time now, but after the announcement yesterday, my craving for a shiny new iMac has intensified 10 fold. The remote, the included iSight (Even though I already have one.) and the big power additions (Dual layer DVD burner, bigger HD and better video card.)

Now the question is whats the best way to scratch together $1,253.00? Anyone want to chip in for a nice new apartment-warming gift for me? Anyone need a website built for them?

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