Hell Yeah Bitch! .com Self Critique

October 18th, 2005 | by Mike |

There have been a lot of people posting about Jakob Nielsen’s “Top Ten Design Mistakes”…it must have been a slow news day. Gadgetopia however did a nice little introspective using these guffaws, and I thought that was a pretty good idea. So hold on to your butts because reading this post just might be too exciting for you to handle.

  1. No Author Biographies We have half of an “about page”…does that get us anything. I have been meaning to, and will, get something more concrete up there for myself. As for Dan and the “Ghost of Joe”, they can do it or not.
  2. No Author Photo Actually, I’m not sure how many of you noticed, but I just recently fixed this. Not only do we have some stylish black and white photos of us (with the Ghost of Joe being represented by Lindsay Lohan) but that same picture now appears on every post written by us on the archive page. I did that to make the destinction that its not just me writting on this blog stronger. I think it has mostly worked, but I want to do more to that effect.
  3. Nondescript Posting Titles I think in the recent months we have gotten better about this. My headline tend to have a very strong lean to the comedic side, but for the most part they seem ok.
  4. Links Don’t Say Where They Go This is a constant sturggle. On the whole I think we do the best we can. I mainly just make sure that we don’t have any “Click Here” links, and if we don’t then I’m happy.
  5. Classic Hits are Buried I’ve tried to fix this with the “Best of” section on the front page, but that section itself if a bit buried, so we might want to look at that again.
  6. The Calendar is the Only Navigation I’m pround to say we have NEVER had calander navigation! It sucks. It only works if you are writing a true online diary…anything else and date navigation is useless.
  7. Irregular Publishing Frequency Other than the weekends, I think we do pretty well on keeping something fresh up here. That being said, I would love to have much more going on here, but for basically two people I think we do ok.
  8. Mixing Topics We do this. We will always do this. This is basically a website with little to no point, so mixing topics is what we do.
  9. Forgetting That You Write for Your Future Boss I think as long as I never go to work for Lance Armstrong, I’ll be cool.
  10. Having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service Not a problem. (Who would want this domain anyway?)

Anything to add?

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