Needed: OS X Backup Program That Doesn’t Suck

October 19th, 2005 | by Mike |

A while back, Dan asked for a little technological present and he later got it…kinda. Ok, now its my turn to get stuff I want.

Remember my failed attempt to con Apple’s (.Mac subscriber only) Backup app to work on my iBook? I failed. Twice. Even after a tutorial update to include Tiger, that method is too much work…I’ll do it if I have to, but I want an open source mac backup program. I know there is an open source disk imaging app, and I don’t want disk imaging. I want an open source version of Apple’s Backup app. Here are my requirements:

1. Have pre-loaded locations for the main backup-ed items on a Mac: Preferences, Documents, Safari, Mail, Movies, iPhoto, etc…and have the ability to add locations too.
2. Backup to DVD, CD, and of course WebDAV drives.
3. Multiple Schedules
4. Clean interface.

Is that so hard? Thats all I want. If anyone could make this, they would be my hero. There’s an ever so slight chance that I might get motivated to learn to program for OS X and try to make this myself, but lets me real….thats just not going to happen. Backup software is the one area that the open source area really doesn’t have much to offer. A few mac and windows disk imaging programs, Amanda, which is still stuck on using tapes, and a few other “not ready for prime-time” players. Some wonderfull person should make me a backup program and fill one of the much needed open source backup holes.

…Actually, if someone wanted to make a better version of Amanda, that has a nice interface and isn’t stuck on tapes, to run on linux, I would be ok with that too!

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