How To Keep Your Monitor 50 Feet Away From Your Box

October 20th, 2005 | by Mike |

Why is it that really smart guys that find out a cool new way to do something have zero skills or desire to make a decent website? Maybe a crappy site makes it seem like you are just too smart and you just don’t have time to waste on making a site for your creation, you must move on to that little cold fusion thing you have going in the basement. Either way, Doug Burbidge figured out how to take a VGA signal and send it over cat5 cable and he made a crappy site explaining how to do it.

According to his site he has achieved 800×600 resolution over 50 feet with his VGA to cat5 setup. That is pretty damn cool. Other than a neato video wall of monitors, I really can’t think of a use right now, but I’m sure there is something.

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    I suppose one use would be to have your music\video server farm in the basement instead on the bookshelf next to your entertainment center. You’d just need a wireless remote like you get with Dish Satellite TV.

    And if you’re just exporting to a standard non-hi-def tv I don’t see why you’d need more than 800×600 resolution. Wikipedia:TV_Resolutions

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    damn freakin comment filtering… I forgot that links get striped out.
    Wikipedia link:

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