Flock Is Nothing New

October 21st, 2005 | by Mike |

Origionally I was planning to author this post through the new buzz-making browser flock execpt that I can’t get it to accept this sites admin system. So right away, I find something that is broken. It is, after all, a “developer release” so some broken features are to be expected. But now that I have left Flock to the greener, more stable, pastures of Firefox, let me fill you in on what Flock is.

First, what is it supposed to be? Flock is being billed as a web browser for “today’s internet”. HTe internet has changed in recent years and we need a new, more connected browser. For instance, Flock hooks your bookmarks up to the social bookmarking site del.icio.us, they have a mini-bowser built it so one may traverse the popular, and recently often broken, photo site flickr and it will someday allow you to post to your blog via the browser (though aparently not today).

So what is Flock in reality? Firefox, which what Flock is based off of, with a bunch of cool extensions baked in. Will Flock change our world? Nope. Is Flock something we really haven’t seen yet? Not really. And lastly…is Flock even worth downloading and checking out? Sure, why not. Though I would wait for the next release.

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