Apple Remote: Battery Replaceable or Not?

October 24th, 2005 | by Mike |

As I semi-patiently wait for my local Apple stores to get in the new 17″ iMac (with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse), I’ve been trying to find a good review of the new features and get any info from people that are lucky enough to already have one of them in their possession. Recently I ran across an article on CNET Asia that included an interesting tid bit that I haven’t heard anywhere else yet. Here’s the part of the article that matters: (The emphasis, is mine.)

For a better audio-visual experience, Apple has added a cool remote control which looks so much like an iPod shuffle you may just want to stick your headphones into it. Using infrared technology which is usable up to 9m from the desktop, it lets you control photo viewing, DVD movies as well as video and music playback vie Apple’s proprietary Front Row interface. One feature we liked was the magnetic back which allows the remote to “stick” to the side of the screen when not in use. The remote has enough power to last for up to two years, after which the remote has to be sent to Apple’s service center for battery replacement.

Is that odd to anyone else? If you want to replace the battery in your iMac remote you have to have it sent to Apple for a replacement?! I just can’t believe this. So off to Apple’s support page!

After checking the Apple Support page, I found a whole page on how to change the battery on your own. Weird. Is there something with the Asian versions of the iMac that don’t allow battery replacement? Some weird Chinese regulation? Is the writer of the article a moron? No matter what the answer is, the fact of the matter is that I was mostly done writing an article about how lame it is that you can’t change the battery yourself when I found out that, in fact, you can…so I just figured I would post this article up anyway.

Sorry to waste your time, but its not like you had anything to do anyway.

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