Apple’s New iMac: Released or Not?

October 26th, 2005 | by Mike |

I’ve got a gripe with Apple. Yes, its true, I have found fault with his Steveness and his kingdom. My gripe is:

When you release a new product…actually release it.

I have been trying to get my hands on a new 17″ iMac with the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Its simple. Thats all. When you call the two Apple stores I have in my area, they both gave me the same exchange:

Me: I was checking to see if you have any of the new 17″ iMacs with bluetooth keyboard and mouse?
Them: Let me check…[long wait]…well, we had one, but we sold it.

Let me just pull a “Out of This World” on this story, and pause it right there. (See? Now the image at the top makes sense!) You had ONE and you sold it? You just had one? What the hell kind of release is that? One! Lets continue…

Me: Do you have any idea when you will get more in?
Them: Hold on…[long pause]…Not really, no. We do have a couple of the 17″, but not with the wireless keyboard and mouse.
Me: Ok…but you have no idea when the package with the Bluetooth keyboard and moust combo are arriving?
Them: No, but the ones we have in stock do have Bluetooth, they just aren’t paired with the keyboard and mouse.
Me: Yeah…I want the keyboard and mouse…What do you think? Should I just order it online?

[ Puts fingers together.] Pause! At this point in the conversation, the guys rambles on for a few minutes about how ordering it online would be a “custom order and ordering it in the store would be a custom order, but they have custom order boxes ready to go” (just not now I guess) …and blah blah blah, never answering my question.

Why the hell would you release a product and then not ship it to the stores in more quantities than one? Steve said: “Available today. Shipping from the factory.” yet I guess its just the one guy putting the damn things together over there, because none of the stores in St. Louis seem to have the faintest idea when they are going to recieve more. Seriously Steve…what the hell?

On the plus side, I did find a way to work in a very obscure early 90’s TV show reference. Lets see your BoingBoing‘s or your Slashdot‘s do that!

Also, if any Apple Store employees are reading this by chance, could you be so kind as to answer the question the guy I got never did: If I want the bluetooth keyboard and mouse, would I be saving time ordering it online?

UPDATE: Screw it. I just ordered one at the online Apple Store.

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  2. By danielcole on Oct 26, 2005 | Reply

    Did you know that grown-up Evie did a movie with a nude scene? Oh the wonderful trivia one can gleem from google image search…

  3. By danielcole on Oct 26, 2005 | Reply

    Did you know that grown-up Evie did a movie with a nude scene? Oh the wonderful trivia one can gleem from google image search…

  4. By Mike on Oct 26, 2005 | Reply

    Whoa! First picture up on the search! Who would have guessed the girl that talked to the crystal thing on her night stand would grow up, get a pretty nice rack and then show them off in some stupid movie called “Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde”. Has anyone seen that? I bet its as good as it sounds.

    Also, did you know that Scott Baio (Yes, the Scott Baio!) was the director of “Out of This World”? I guess he really was “In Charge” of something.

    Google Image link for the lazy bastards:

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