Perez Hilton Goes Down…Because of A Hacker

October 28th, 2005 | by Mike |, the wonderfully trashy gossip site, was taken down today by a hacker. I’m not sure, but I’m picking up on a little hostility vibe from Perez about the whole thing:

Yes, we were hacked today.

But, like the fucking cockroach that Perez is, not even nuclear anihiliation can take him down.

You want a piece of me? Take it! I’m Cuban, bitch. And I will cut you!

Hacking someone’s website is so lame. Unless its a Nazi or KKK site, but even then I’m not wild about it…free speech and all. Ok, here’s the rule: Hacking someone’s website is only acceptable if it is someone that I don’t like…sorry, not someone that you don’t like, it has to be up to me. So just ask me and I’ll tell you if its cool or not. Also, if I do give you the ok, you have to replace the site with something fun to look at like a big picture of Angelina Jolie naked or a picture of your girl friend naked (unless she is a fatty) or just a picture some other girl that is hot…and naked. Then hacking websites is cool.

How great is it that I can write a story about a site getting hacked and somehow twist it so that I can justify putting a big picture of Angelina Jolie at the top of the article?

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