I am Totally into Podcasts

October 31st, 2005 | by dan |

Bring ’em on – the more the merrier. I gravitate towards the tech podcasts (This Week in Tech, Diggnation, CNET BuzzCast, SETI) and news casts – NPR has a ton of their stuff available for download. I drive a lot for work and regular radio is just not an option. On average my iPod has about 10-15 hours worth of podcasts at any one particular time. I could go on with what I listen to, but no one cares.

The point of this ramble-in-progress is that with the 33 different podcasts that I subscribe to, iTunes starts to break down a bit. iTunes will pull the newest RSS feed from all the podcasts all at once. This is not too bad since it’s just text that is being transfered. But then it tries to download every single new episode also all at once – 10 or 15 or more large mp3’s all fighting for bandwidth.

I’ve found that because of this a good number of episodes just die in downloading and you end up with 5 minutes of a 30 minute show. One of my CNET BuzzCasts was 9 seconds long.

There is no ‘reload podcast’ button.

If iTunes choked your internet connection and botched a download your S.O.L. You can’t reset the feed to redownload an episode. You may be able to unsubscribe and then resubscribe and get a new feed but that is a pain in the ass and I’ve not tried it (and won’t).

Please iTunes, do two things for me in your next version:
1) Download just one mp3 at a time.
2) Give me the option to redownload a podcast that got botched in transfer.

Love & Thanks, Dan.

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