Top 5 Secret Crappy Songs I Love List

November 4th, 2005 | by Mike |

A few days ago, I was outed by my girlfriend on the identity of one of my “Top Secret Crappy Songs That I Love List” in the comments on Dan’s article. We all have our list. Admit it. Everyone of us has a small list of songs that we know suck ass…be we love them. We always listen when they come on the radio, we have them tucked away on our iPod under a fake name, and we might even sing along to them if we are in such a mood. Sure it stung at first having one of my songs laid out there for the world, but then the pain subsided, and after I threw darts at a picture of her head for a day and a half, I have now come to terms with it. In fact I’m way past “coming to terms with it”, I’ve not only come to terms with it, but I’ve also held its hand, grab its butt once or twice, and after this article, I might just have scored with it.

Here’s the deal: I’m going to put my list out there. I’m laying my “Top 5 Secret Crappy Songs I Love List” right out there for the world to see. Why 5? Well you have to pick a number…how lame is a Top 7 list? When you read something like that, your brian just treats numbers 6 and 7 as honorable mentions anyway. If you aren’t going to 10, then you have to scale back to 5…I’m not sure thats a real rule, but it should be. After I put this list up I urge everyone to come out of the music closet and announce their own top 5 list, either in the comments, on your own site, or how about just someone in the room with you. Its ok, we all know not to judge you by your list. This is a list of songs you shouldn’t like, but do. If it makes you feel better list your Top 5 Songs You Are Proud To Love along with the other list.

See the list after the break…

Here we go…no turning back now…quick like a band-aid…here is my list: (They are in no particular order.)
Top 5 Secret Crappy Songs I Love List

  1. Kelly Clarkson – “Since U Been Gone” (This is the one I was outed on.)
  2. Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) – “Forever”
  3. Tony Rich Project – “Nobody Knows It But Me”
  4. Unknown – “Who’s The Boss Theme Song” (Seriously, its #7 on my Top 50 playlist.)
  5. Bryan Adams – “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” (I really got into that Robin Hood movie.)

Top 5 Songs You Are Proud To Love

  1. Phantom Planet – “1st Things 1st”
  2. Pete Yorn – “Life On A Chain”
  3. Smashing Pumpkins – “Tonight, Tonight”
  4. Feeder – “High”
  5. Phantom Planet – “All Over Again”

Ok…comment if you wish. Be gentle.

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