Can’t Delete Videos in iTunes

November 6th, 2005 | by dan |

I’ve got a few videos in iTunes that I don’t want any longer. When I want to get rid of a podcast that I’ve listened to I can either drag it to the trash or right-click and select ‘clear’. In the ‘Videos’ section of iTunes (for the mac) neither of these two methods work for removing a video file. I have to dig into the iTunes podcast folder and manually delete it, which doesn’t update the listings in iTunes. I know you can delete podcast videos from the podcast section, but that does not encompass every video that I’ve got in iTunes.

You can erase files from any of the library, shuffle, podcast and playlist sections, but files in the video section (which are bigger by many orders of magnitude) are locked in.

Those weekly 250mb DiggNation videos are starting to eat up a good amount of disk space….


Update: Ok. You can delete videos from iTunes if you find them in your Library, but navigating that enormous list is kinda a pain and it just does not make much sense to me that you can’t manage your files in the video section.

damn I bitch about iTunes a lot. I’m sorry. (I’m not, really, but it was nice to say.)

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