November 14th, 2005 | by Mike |

Maybe I’m just slow, but I’ve just discovered Gravatars today. If you are slower than me, a Gravatar, which is short for Global Avatar, is a system that allows you to sign up and then have a picture of your choosing show up on any site that supports Gravatars. i.e. You can comment on any site and if they support gravatars, you picture will show up there. Kind of a neat idea right? So should Hell Yeah Bitch! .com implement it? Do we care? Is it worth it for the posts that actually get comments? Normally I would say no. We aren’t known for implementing every little hip things site (blogs) have out there…hell we still don’t do traditional trackbacks (and we won’t). Maybe we should be more open to the fad-ish type addons like this. Would it spurn a sense of community here or would it just be a waste of 30 minutes on a Tuesday night?


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