The Scene Is A Great IPTV Show

November 16th, 2005 | by Mike |

Ok, so Deane was right. So was, whoever that was, that gave me the same link 6 months ago. I should have been watching The Scene all along.

The Scene is an IPTV show about the underground movie pirating circle called…wait for it…The Scene. Its an interesting show for two reasons, the subject matter (which gives me a hard flashback to my freshman year in college when I was really into the movie trading) and the way the show is presented. Each episode is shown as a continuous screen capture with a in-set video feed of the main character of that episode. The story if moved partially via the dialog from the video inset, but the most of it is driven by the chats (ICQ, AIM and IRC) going on between the characters. I realize it sounds about as much fun as slamming your penis (or a boob…for lady readers) is a desk drawer the way I just described it, but its really way nicer than having you penis (boob) slammed in a desk drawer. I guess you’ll just have to trust me, or you can watch the first couple episodes and see for yourself. Either way, I would still advise you to not try slamming your penis in a desk drawer. Although I’m not sure what it feels like to have a boob slammed in a desk drawer, I guess I would advise against that too…unless it you are going to do it naked with that hot friend of yours, then feel free to tape it and send it this way.

Link: The Scene

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