Mike Doesn’t Own Any USB Sticks

November 16th, 2005 | by Mike |

According to BoingBoing the Barenaked Ladies are planning to release their next album on a USB 128 MB flash drive. An idea that might seem original, but really isn’t…Robbie Williams did it a while back. Not only that, but most Barenaked Ladies fans are geeks, which means that they probably already have a Flash Drive or two, so another one isn’t really that appealing. Even after the post on BoingBoing, Cory remarked “I agree that this is cool, but how many 128MB sticks can you usefully own? I’ve got about ten kicking around now…”

Cory’s right, if I got one of these Flash Albums I would have…oh wait, it would be my first.

Believe it. I do not own any USB flash drives. Not one. Thats me, I’m the only geek on the planet that doesn’t own any Flash Drives…well except for maybe poor geeks…but since when do thaty count? I know what your thinking: My god! How do you get by? How do you live? How is it that you are in this most horrible of positions? Well, I get by the best way I can…I just try to live my life one day at a time. I try to work around my problem by using other means for data transportation, much as I assume the Indians would have if they were still around. Email, uploads to my website, CDs, I get by the best I can. How did I contract this terrible situation? I never needed one enough to pay for one, and I haven’t gone to any events or conventions that notoriously give them out.

Sad but true, my terrible secret is out there now. I understand if you don’t want to go near me now if you fear losing your flash drives and catching my disease that will never allow you to get one again.
Please do keep in mind though, that although I might have been the first to come out, there could be others, though its doubtful, out there. Be kind to us. Don’t tell us “Oh, you can just put it on your flash drive!” then with that horrible next statement being “…you don’t have a flash drive do you?” Wow, it hurt to even write it. Keep in mind this is not an article to make you feel sorry for us, its just an article to let you know that we do exist and when you look at that pile of flash drives in your desk drawer, know how luck you are to have them. Some people don’t have that luxury…some of those people aren’t poor, which means you should care a little more.

This message has been brought to you by Hell Yeah Bitch! .com in cooperation with “The More You Know” (That stupid thing they do on NBC where Debra Messing tells you to play with your kid more.)

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