Why I’m Tired Today: Fedora 4 and Samba

November 21st, 2005 | by Mike |

[ Attention: Geeky post ahead! ]
So I wiped out my last machine running Windows Saturday night and turned it into my primary Linux server, which now runs Fedora Core 4. Everything was great, except for Samba. I couldn’t get Samba to work at all. I set up the configs the same way I did on the old server, I added the users correctly, I did everything but my iMac just couldn’t connect. It kept returning “Username or password not correct.” or “Share not found.” I had other things to do, but I couldn’t get to them because of this stupid issue hanging over my head!

To make a long story short (and less boring) I finally ran accross something that sovled my problem. Actually there were two problems. In Fedora 4 there is an issue with Samba where the permissions on the /etc/samba/smbpasswd file can not be read. It looksl like the permissions are fine, but the server can’t read that file, and thus can’t find the user information. Problem one solved by touching a file in the root directory (Sorry, I’ll find the exact file when I get back home.) Problem 2 is that, unbeknownst to me, in Fedora 4 directs samba traffic by default through the security module SELinux. So I either had to mark everyfile I wished to share via samba or I could just turn the selinux intergration with Samba off with a command (That I will share when I get home.)

Finally it works…and I only wasted 2 – 3 hours total.

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