The Xbox 360 Is Released, and the World Wets Itself

November 22nd, 2005 | by Mike |

I know I’m a little late to the “Lets Write Something About the Xbox 360 Party” but I figured I would chime in anyway.

Has anyone noticed the complete insanity over these things? There are guys that would beat and pee on an orphan just to get one! Of course, that is insane…why should you get a Xbox 360 for doing something you love doing every Wednesday?! Thats besides the point though. The real deal is this: Yes, the 360 is cool, and sure its faster, but at this moment, what else is there? What else is there that is better than my current Xbox that would justify me losing my mind and paying some schmuck on E-Bay $1,625.00 for one?

Xbox 360 Fan Boys: There are more features! Are there? Really? Apparently you can sream your video and music from your computer to your nice TV in the living room with the new Xbox. Neat huh? Yeah, I already have that with my current hacked Xbox (Thanks Joe). So no new feature there. Plus, you have to have a Windows Media Center computer for this “feature” to work. My current Xbox streams happily from my linux server.

Oh there is the ability to sync my iPod to the new 360! Wow, so I can have my iPod music playing in the background of some of my games? That would be cool if you couldn’t already do that on the current Xbox with something called a CD…or the fact that both those features suck when you could just turn up your stereo and turn the music in the game down.

Xbox 360 Fan Boys: Its more powerful! Better chips, better graphics. Well thats true. But we are talking about a box made years later than the first Xbox, so the fact that its faster isn’t exactly amazing news. The problem that I have with it right now is with all that gaming power, what are you going to do with it? At the current time there are 18 games available. 18. That sucks. Of course, in the future there will be tons of games to play to use all that gaming hardware, but right now, whats the point of going crazy over something and paying extreme amounts of money over a box that you won’t really love until that game you want comes out 4 months from now, when coicendently, the price of the Xbox has dropped down to semi-normal levels (read: not $1,625.00).

Don’t get the wrong idea from this though. I would love to have a 360, and I have no doubt that at some point I will buy a 360. In fact, I would take one today as a present. But buying one today, which apparently entails killing someone or spend the Gross National Product of Ecuador, is out of the question. Actually, I’m not sure why anyone would buy one until they are succesfully hacked.

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