Mike and His Brother Take a Road Trip

November 22nd, 2005 | by Mike |

In the words of the immortal Tenacious D, “The road is f*ckn’ hard. Its also really f*ckn’ tough!” My brother Lil’ J and I, in our quest for complete cheapness, will be taking a road trip from St. Louis, MO to Isle of Palms, SC to meet our parents, our extended family, my girlfriend, and some other people for my family’s annual Thanksgiving get-together. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure how this will all turn out. There’s a distinct possibility that we could end up somewhere near Maine after taking a wrong turn…which would suck because neither of us is really into lobster, and from what I hear thats all they eat up there. Hopefully though, everything will turn out fine, and at least I will make it to South Carolina on time to enjoy a turkey sandwhich and then turn around and come right back.

I will be documenting our progress and there is at least a confirmed internet connection at the final destination, so at the very least updating this site will happen once or twice from there. I’m hoping though that we run accross some WiFi along the way, or at least at the hotel in Knoxville.

Wish me luck.
For those that are pissed they just read that and want some real news: Did you hear that Ricky Martin likes to pee on people? Yeah, I wasn’t that surprised either.

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