Daniel Geer Has Some Rockin’ Mutton Chops

November 29th, 2005 | by Mike |

On the great but oddly domain-ed CNET site, news.com.com there is a nice opinion piece on the state of Massachusetts’ new edict to require all government documents to be electrically saved in the OpenDocument format as opposed to the proprietary Microsoft Office format by Daniel Geer. As far as I’m concerned on this matter, this is a move that is about as long overdue as Bart and Lisa Simpson growing another year in age. There shouldn’t be any documents that are stored in a format where someone would have to pay a third party to get software just to read a freely available document. That just doesn’t make any sense why any public organization, be it the Government or the Boy Scouts, would use the Microsoft Office as the only way to view a document. In fact, I’m not sure why people are really even talking about this and making any kind of fuss! Other than maybe questions like: Why the hell did this take so long? Why is Massachusetts only the first state to do this? and Why did we start using Office document format as the “official” one to begin with? And other press about why they would do this and any implications of the change are just foghorns announcing that writer as “most likely to be on Microsoft’s payroll.”

Ok, tangent complete. For the real point of this article, please direct your attention to the picture of Mr. Geer I pulled from CNet’s site. Are those not some rockin’ Mutton Chops? Those are some of the best, modern ‘Chops I have ever seen! I officially want to congratulate Mr. Geer on the fine sideburn creation and give him the new created Martin Van Buren award for the best Mutton Chops for the year 2005.

Congratulations Mr. Daniel Geer. You’ve earned it with your lack of shaving, and, I’m assuming, peserverance through snickering behind your back. We here at Hell Yeah Bitch! .com salute you.

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