Mossberg Likes My Computer

November 30th, 2005 | by Mike |

Walt Mossberg, the big daddy of tech writers, wrote in a recent column that…

We’ve been testing this new iMac, and our verdict is that it’s the gold standard of desktop PCs. To put it simply: No desktop offered by Dell or Hewlett-Packard or Sony or Gateway can match the new iMac G5’s combination of power, elegance, simplicity, ease of use, built-in software, stability and security. From setup to performing the most intense tasks, it’s a pleasure to use.

Sounds like he’s pretty happy with it, which in turn makes me even happier than I was before with my new iMac. Why? I’m not sure. But any little added iMac happiness helps these days because my credit card bill just arrived.

One minor issue with Mossberg’s article though. Towards the end he wishes that the iMac’s remote had a power button. It does! Well, its a Sleep Button really, and its kind of hidden…but it is there. I wrote that it was one of my favorite features in my iMac review. (You just hold down the Play button for a few seconds.)

Link: A New Gold Standard for PCs

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