So, How Much Do You Like Our Header?

December 1st, 2005 | by Mike |

I was just wondering because I’m not so sure about it. I might just be because its been a few weeks since I made a change to the site (if you don’t count to slight comment display change) and I tend to get a little antsy at times with this site, if you haven’t noticed. My real reasons for souring a bit on the header are:
1. Its cool that it can update and its random, but its not like anyone really ever changes it. Hell I rarely do it.
2. Its kinda big isn’t it? And with the top story all the way across the top, I feel we could use that real-estate up there a bit more so it doesn’t just look like a site with a big header and text underneath, until you scroll down and see the rest.

I would like to implement some sort of rotating / random picture element up there still, or maybe a picture on the side that is changed like a front page on AOL or a news paper. But then again, maybe I’m just being crazy and you all silently love it.

So I just thought I would lay it out there, see what you all think.

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