Google: If It Ain’t Broke, There Aren’t Enough Features

December 9th, 2005 | by Mike |

Hey everybody! Google has added an RSS reader to GMail. Now if someone can let me know why the hell anyone needs this, than you get the gold star for today. Like usual, when Google does anything new everyone starts creaming in their jeans, and this new “feature” Google has added to GMail is no different. Unlike most though, I’m using the term “feature” extremely loosely. Mainly because the term “feature” would imply that its a usefull addition, and adding a stupid RSS reader to a email interface is not a usefull addition. If I need to be checking my GMail and then with one click check the latest postings on my favorite sites, I don’t need Google to help me do that. I’ve been able to do that for a while now with tabs, or live bookmarks in Firefox, or an RSS bookmark in Safari, so why do I need another way to do this?

Google’s addition of an useless RSS reader is just a sign that Google really is going to be the next Microsoft. Microsoft is famous for adding useless features just so they can say that they’ve added a feature. Out of all those menus in Word, how many do you actually use? Thats what I thought. All that crap was added a little at a time, thrown in my programmers that had to show something to their boss and allowed them to pad their “New Features” list, all the while no one stopped to think if adding all these was even worth it in the long run. Very typical of big companies like Microsoft, and now, Google.

Whats next? A quick way to view videos from Google Video from my GMail interface? Or maybe a way that I can click on any word and it will search Froogle for the best price on it? All things you can do with a few clicks now, but if they continue things like that, all it will do is take a good thing that did one job suitably well (I’ve never really been a fan of GMail’s interface) and clog it up and stretch it too thin.

Please Google, just let GMail be an email client, and thats all.

Come to think of it, I use the POP access anyway, so I guess I don’t care after all.

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