Richard Pryor 1940 – 2005

December 10th, 2005 | by Mike |

One of the greatest comedians of all time died today. He will be missed. There’s really nothing more to say, but if you have never experienced Richard Pryor, you should.

Required Richard Pryor Viewings:
1. Any of his numerous stand-up act tapings. I hope Comedy Central will be airing some of Pryor’s great bits in their un-edited block of programming tonight, or soon. (I think its called “The Stash”). Thats the key though, it really has to be un-edited, or there is really no point in watching.
2. Movie: “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”
3. Movie: “Superman III” (Superman and Richard Pryor, what’s better than that?!)

There are more, but those are the required ones.

Link: IMDB – Richard Pryor

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