Technorati Explore: What Technorati Should Have Been

December 14th, 2005 | by Mike |

So Technorati has gone the way of Google and decided to release beta projects to the world at large. While I’m not a huge fan of this move, it does seem to be en vogue as of late and thats fine. The real issue I have with this step by Technorati isn’t the entire program in of itself (which they’ve oldly named “The Kitchen”), but with the Kitchen’s first course specifically.

Explore” is what they are calling it and they are billing it with this short description:

Find out what bloggers are saying right now on any topic, organized by how many links their posts are getting. Think of it as a newspaper front page for any subject.

Now correct me if I’m wrong…but doesn’t that statement sound like what Technorati was supposed to be? Way before the stove was hot in “The Kitchen” or even before when “The Kitchen” was created, Technorati was billed as the site where one could go to see what was being discussed on the Web at any given moment. It was supposed to be a tracker in the on-going converstation of the (I shudder as I type this) blogosphere. I thought this was still the point of the site on the whole up until an hour or so ago when I found “The Kitchen”. Right? I couldn’t have been that misinformed right? Telling the world of the talk on the web currently was the point of even making Technorati to begin with right?

So what the hell happened? Somewhere along the lines Technorati decieded to take the purpose of their site and make it into a feature…or better yet…a beta feature! Its amounts to Google releasing a new beta program of Google Web Search tomorrow. Improving your site is one thing, but this is a whole new and strange level. Say Explore takes off, what is to become of Technorati? I really just don’t understand any of the reasoning behind this. Its sound like an upgrade but they are treating it like an added feature.

I’ll give them one thing though, it takes balls to take a failed goal and turn around and market it to your users as a brand new idea.

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