Mike Is Now Less Busy Than He Was Last Week

December 19th, 2005 | by Mike |

If anyone was wondering why posts by yours truly were at a premimum for most of last week, there was a good reason: I was really busy last week. I was putting the finishing touches on the rebuilt from the ground up website I’ve been working on for some time, while making 1,000,000 calls to everyone about how I was moving soon. Oh yeah, I also moved this weekend, so that took up monster time as well. All in all though, my new apartment is getting closer to livable and I do have internet access…though will all the open and available wireless networks, I don’t need my own access.

The fact of the matter is I think I’m getting settled and postings should be getting back to normal from my end. And to all that have emailed me or been trying to get a hold of me: I’m sorry for taking so long, and yes, “I got that thing you sent me.”

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