Mike’s Predictions for 2006

December 26th, 2005 | by Mike |

It seems bloggers have to do one or both of the following things at the end of every year or someone will take their Blogger account away: Recap the current year, or give a list of predictions for the next year. Since I just got a call about them taking my seldom used Blogger account away from me (you never know, I might need it.), I better get to it! I present to you my predictions for 2006:

1. Jason Calacanis will continue to go on and on about Weblogs Inc, AOL and rival Gawker. Only his employees will care.
2. After the new year, things will get crazy at MacRumors with all the Mac World buzz. Someone will find a video or picture which will be about as grainy as the Loch Ness footage and it will claim to be the first look at the new Intel Mac that will be faster, have a cheese grater built it and give you a hand job if you feel sad. Thankfully the footage is even grainer during the hand job demonstration.
3. There will be another comic book movie released (not in the Spiderman or X-Men family) and everyone will be very excited about it until someone actually watches it.
4. Windows Vista will be released but in their rush to get it out, Microsoft will eliminate the following items: Security, the ability to open multiple windows, and your only wall paper can be a the Time magazine cover will the Gates’ on it.
5. …wait what? Scratch that last one. Vista won’t come out.
6. Jessica Simpson will fall in love with me and then I’ll have to think of a way to let her down gently.
7. BoingBoing will post 238 unicorn pictures.
8. Google will make something new. People will go crazy talking about it. When its released people will scramble to sign up, followed by 1000s of blog articles about how its “The greatest thing ever!” or how bad “It sucks!”
9. Everyone will chill out a little bit on Podcasts.
10. It will rain. At least once.

There you have it. If I’m right: I told you so. If I’m wrong: I can’t believe you remembered these predictions.

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