An OS From Google Will Probably Suck

January 31st, 2006 | by Mike |

With news breaking today that Google confirmed that it is indeed making “its own OS” that will be called, ‘Goobuntu’. I can’t figure out why everyone is so excited. Let me elaborate…

Of course, they aren’t really making their own OS, they are just tweaking and retrofitting the popular Ubuntu linux distribution to their needs. So although Ubuntu is nice, its still linux and Google would have to do A LOT of work to get any version of linux ready for the masses to use as their desktop OS.

Secondly, whether you believe it or not, at least 50% of what makes an OS useable is the interface. Yeah, we all like features and stability, and you can’t have a good OS without ease of use, a decent features list, and stability, but the GUI interface is a big step to a making widely used OS. The reason I bring this up as “Reason I’m Not Psyched #2” is because Google tends to make some crappy interfaces. Yes, for the most part GMail works fine, but its interface sucks. We all used to marvel at the simplicity of the Google search page, but can you really give me an example of a good, solid interface that Google has created (Not counting Picasso, because that wasn’t originally Google.)? Stop thinking about it. You can’t.

The third and last reason why this news completely unimpressed me is that the core “computer user group” in the world (I’m talking from Technorati to script kiddies.) sometimes tend to forget that Google is a business. A business that’s goal is to make money. A business that, up till now, has gotten very good at accomplishing that goal. So a “Google OS” isn’t going to be all gum-drops and candy canes. There’s going to be a way to for them to make money off of this. Of course that way will be with ads. Thats all Google does, in case you haven’t noticed, they print ads. So will be the ads be on the desktop? Will the ads be on your file search? Will the video your about to watch be brought to you by Target? Face it. Ads will be in there at some capacity, and if thats the case why would you use their OS as opposed to OS X, or Windows, or any of the hundreds of free, ad-free linux distros?

I know every time Google farts, the IT community stands up and takes a deep breath, but I’m not the least bit excited about this news. Sure they could do something amazing with it, they could change the face of the modern OS, but more than likely, they’ll just revolutionize the advertising business.

Via: The Register

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