iChat Is Really Pissing Me Off

February 28th, 2006 | by Mike |

On Sunday my parents got them selves a shiny new 17″ iMac, much like my own except they have the fabled Intel chip residing in their machine. My Mom’s all excited to join the Clut of Mac and all and last night we tried to to a video chat with iChat 3. I have never experienced so much damn trouble with any thing Apple before in my life!

Every damn time we tried to connect (we tried inviting both ways) we get “[User] did not respond”. I’ve had this issue before a few times, usually a restart or something fixes the problem (annoying, but not the end of the world), however this time nothing I seemed to do on either of the computers worked. I cranked up the iChat bandwidth, I cranked up the Quicktime bandwidth, I restarted my machine, and I even setup the iChat video test accounts on both of our buddy lists. Both of us could connect just fine to the Apple test accounts, but we couldn’t get it to connect to each other! It was driving me insane! Sadly we had to give up…and now I’m here bitching out into the nothingness that is the internet.

You let me down Apple. I thought that the latest update (10.4.5 with iChat 3.1.1) would fix this problem, but it seemed to have just made it worse. I doubt it could be any internet connection problems on either end because we can both connect to the test accounts without issue, so who the hell knows what the problem is. For shame Apple, for shame…(I still love you, because this is still better than anything else, but…) for shame.

If you too are experiencing the maddening events I just spoke of, feel free to peruse the links I collected last night. They didn’t seem to help me, but maybe you will have better luck.

One of Apple’s many support discussions on this topic
Some guy’s blog post about it.
A list of the Apple testing accounts

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