When I’m sick, you get links

March 3rd, 2006 | by Mike |

Content has sucked this week I know. I’ve been busy…then sick…then busy again. Clearly I could use both medical and content help. Rest assured I’m still here, plugging away…

Here are somethings to keep you interested for a while.

It turns out www.IE7.com doesn’t exactly link to what you might think. Microsoft lawyers, get your letterhead ready!
Only one episode left for Project Runway!
The Simpson sisters had dresses made for them from the same curtains when they were little.
Check out the big-headed celebrity freaks!
Britney Spears and the awesome George Taki (Sulu) will be guest stars on Will and Grace at the end of this month.
Check out the cool logo Leo Laporte has for the twit.tv IPTV “channel!”

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