Google’s GDrive Needs .Mac Features

March 20th, 2006 | by Mike |

According to Kevin Rose’s first sudo-podcast Google is set to release yet another web application. This one is to be called GDrive and will be online storage with an ever growing amount of storage allotted to each user. This is a cool idea, even though this could be done already with the right applications you could turn your GMail account into a sudo GDrive. Rose believes that this will be the first step in a unification of all of Google’s new and current web applications. For instance, your GMail will be stored on there…your purchased Google videos will pop up there as well as your Writely documents and the list goes on and on. I agree with Rose 100%, the creation of GDrive is something that needs to be done to start to bring together this universe of seemingly unrelated Google projects. That being said, GDrive would go from a nice idea to a killer app if they upped the anty, stuck it to Apple and released (or an open source app was created) a backup program like that of Apple’s .Mac Backup application. If you got a couple of gigs of space on this drive it would cover your email, documents and other needed system files with no issues, and the creation of a very user friendly app like Apple’s Backup where you just check the pre-programed items you want and it backs them up for you is just the thing that could make those last few holdouts move to a virtual Google Web OS once and for good. This Google version of .Mac would need to begin with backup, but it could easily move on to all the other things that .Mac does. Google already allows you to make a quick and dirty website, but they could expand to an online version of their Picasso for photo sharing (maybe someone could hack this to make it work like Apple’s Photocasting?) and even syncing between computers. With the introduction of GDrive all of those applications would be fairly easy to roll out by Google and they why would anyone pay for .Mac when they can have all the features for free and just see a few ads on their emails and blogs? I love Apple, but this is a huge opportunity for someone to really take the time and get the applications right so that they can give real competition to a server that everyone could use, but no one really wants to pay for.

Of course we all know Google’s track record for waiting forever to release OS X apps , or not releasing them at all. I have no reason to think that line will change and although said, it will be forgiven to a degree if they release a nice API that will allow those smart, handsome open source guys to whip up exactly what I’m talking about in both Mac, PC and Linux flavors.

Anyone have any idea why this wouldn’t work or more reasons to add why this would be the greatest thing since “Sample Day” at the grocery store?

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