Safari and I Are Having a Spat

May 22nd, 2006 | by Mike |

Subtitles: “Safari Bugs Are Killing Me” or “No one says spat anymore!”

Remember last week when I mentioned that there have been some weird bugs afflicting the new design? Well after getting a look at some of the found bugs, I seem to have squashed all that I can, but there is one bug that is equally annoying and also, seemingly un-squashable: The Double Text Safari Bug

I’ve tangled with this beast before on the last version of the site and it appears to have sprung back up like the cross-eye-inducing bastard that he is. The ugliness shows every so often, and only in Safari (hence the name). What happens is the right side column’s content is redrawn after about halfway down the page making the lower portion of the column nearly unreadable. What makes it more annoying is although, clearly not in my code, I can’t find a specific reason why sometimes the problem shows up and other times it won’t. I know its probably a Safari bug and I did nothing wrong, but I was hoping I could find an answer that it only happened on “floated divs” or some other style element that I could work around. Sadly, every time I think I have a lock down on the issue, the cause changes on the next occurrence. Take the sites current state for example, when I remove the image of the flash animation for this story below this one on the front page, the double text stops. Put the image back, and the doubling text comes with it. Now what the hell does that image have to do with the side bar? I have no freaking idea! I guess for now I’ll have to deal with it until I either Safari updates, or I get more data. (If you see this problem too, leave a comment or shoot me an email: mike at, thanks!)

I really liked Safari, but things like this seem to be stacking up against it. More and more sites don’t work as well with Safari and now I’m hearing rumblings that the new Firefox 2 Alphas are looking pretty nice and fast for OS X. Is switching my browser the answer to some of my woes, or is that just like tinting my car windows so that I don’t see the homeless people as I drive in my limo? (The problems with sites, including this one, will still be there, but at least I won’t have to deal with them.) I’ve tried to switch to Camino, but if I’m going to Camino, then why not just go to Firefox and get all the great extensions? However the problem with that is Firefox for OS X is ugly and it has issues of its own. I suppose there is always Shiira…nah, who the hell uses Shiira?

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