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July 14th, 2006 | by Mike |

So I’ve been having problems with my internet connection lately. Every once in a while it will just drop off and my modem can’t connect. I call in to see if its a neighborhood wide outage, and its not, so I get stuck doing some technique called “power-cycling” read out of a script by Jeff the ass-hat because “…it might be your router.” So finally I get through to Charter that its not my router, I’m not an idiot, and they need to at least come check my line to see if that is the problem. I make an appointment for July 12th. Of course the appointment is 9am – 5pm so I have to take off work and wait all day for this guy to show up. The day before the appointment I decided to call Charter and confirm my appointment. I get this India chick that is impossible to understand and is apparently a moron. There is no appointment in the computer for me on the 12th so I get a little miffed, but still calm, and I say that I took off work for this and someone needs to show up tomorrow. So after some back and forth she says there is a new appointment scheduled and tries to get rid of me. I stop her and we have this exchange:

Mike: “I’m sorry, but this has been a bit of a mess. Can you just tell me Yes or No, will someone be coming to my house tomorrow?”
Her: “Ok. Ok. [ long pause ] Ok.”
Mike: “What? Look I took off work for this. I just need you to tell me Yes or No if someone is coming tomorrow.”
Her: “Ok. Ok. Ok…”
Mike: “Seriously, I don’t want to wait at home all day for nothing. Please tell me Yes or No. If its ‘No’, thats fine, I just need to know one way or the other.”
Her: “[ long pause ] Ok. Ok.”
Mike: “I’m really not trying to get angry with you right now. But you need to give me a Yes or No!”
Her: “I put the appointment in…Ok?”
Mike: “Give me the number to the dispatch because I’m going nowhere with you. You clearly don’t want to help me at all. Don’t say Ok.” [ she gives me the number]
Her: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
Mike: “You’re kidding right?”

Its gets better. She gave me the wrong number. And after almost an hour of talking to other people I get someone that tells me that there is an appointment set up for me and it was entered earlier that day. I say, yes, there probably is the India lady entered it. The lady on the phone says: “Well lady you talked to earlier inputed the appointment for the 18th, not the 12th.” The 18th! That India bitch was just going to let me sit at home all day on the 12th and she knew no one was going to come! Screw that bitch! If the answer was No (as I know that is was) just tell me so I don’t sit at home like an asshole! Stupid bitch! ….so….anyway I finally argued my way into them giving me an appointment on the 12th and that was that. Seriously though, what the hell? Why would you do that to a person. I was being cool, I just needed a simple confirmation and she wouldn’t give it to me even though she knew that without that information I would be fucked. Bitch!

This was 3 days ago and, if you’ve noticed, I’m still pissed. All I want to do right now is look at Christina Ricci and her new sexy make-over. The good news is I can make that happen. One pic here, one pic after the jump. Enjoy. I need to go calm down.

Pictures via: blog NYC

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